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Welcome to Zhongcai’s page dedicated to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Training Equipment. As a leading automotive education equipment manufacturer in China, we specialize in providing top-quality training equipment to support professional training and development in the automotive industry. On this page, you will learn about the significance of hybrid and electric vehicle training and how our cutting-edge training equipment can enhance the learning experience.

Importance of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Training

In a world where hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent, proper training is essential. The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with a growing emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency, and reduced emissions. Hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are at the forefront of this change, offering a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Global Transition

The automotive landscape is shifting as countries around the world adopt stricter emissions regulations and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. This transition has created a pressing need for well-trained technicians capable of servicing and maintaining hybrid and electric vehicles.

Skilled Workforce

As electric mobility gains momentum, there is a surge in demand for skilled technicians who understand the intricacies of EVs. Training becomes crucial to meet this demand and ensure that technicians have the knowledge and expertise required to work on these advanced vehicles.

Environmental Benefits

Beyond their economic advantages, hybrid and electric vehicles offer significant environmental benefits. They contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and create a sustainable future.

Comprehensive Training

To harness the full potential of hybrid and electric vehicles, comprehensive training programs are necessary. Such programs not only equip technicians with the skills to repair and maintain these vehicles but also promote safety and reliability in the automotive industry.

Types of Our Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Training Equipment

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engine Training Equipment In Zhongcai

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Dimension1740×1400×1700mm (L×W×H)
Working PowerDC 12V
Fuel StandardAccording to the engine model
Fuel Tank Volume10L
Working Temperature-40℃ to +50℃
Steel Pipe60403mm
Panel Cabinet1.5mm Cold Plate Stamping and Forming
Mobile Casters120*80mm

Hybrid Engine Cutaway Models In Zhongcai

Product NameHybrid Powertrain Model
DescriptionThis model showcases the real components of a hybrid powertrain system, including the engine, motor assembly, transmission drive axle, and 10-cell battery pack. Transparent dissected parts are color-coded for easy understanding, providing clear insights into the structure and operation of the hybrid system. The dissected model is securely mounted on an aluminum alloy base. The hybrid power panel dynamically demonstrates the operation of the hybrid system, allowing students to gain an in-depth understanding of its characteristics and how it functions in hybrid vehicles.
Functional Features1. Developed using actual components from a real hybrid vehicle powertrain system. 2. Dissected parts are presented through sectional views and color coding. 3. Features an Atkinson engine specially designed for hybrid systems, known for its high expansion ratio and energy-saving characteristics. 4. The hybrid power motor consists of a generator and electric motors M1 and M2, capable of demonstrating motor operation, including reverse rotation, and functioning both as a generator and electric motor. 5. The hybrid power transmission drive axle comprises planetary gears and a primary reduction mechanism, demonstrating the process of power switching and smooth transitions. 6. The dissected model is mounted on an aluminum alloy display stand, showcasing the hybrid system’s operation. 7. The hybrid power control panel uses optical devices to demonstrate power and electrical flow changes in the hybrid vehicle at different loads and speeds.
Main Configuration1. Hybrid Powertrain Engine Dissected Model 2. Hybrid Power Generator, Electric Motor, and Drive Axle Dissected Model 3. Hybrid Power Control Principles Demonstration Device
Suitable for Educational Experiments1. Understanding of the major components of a hybrid powertrain system. 2. Characteristics and operation modes of hybrid powertrains. 3. Understanding the structural composition of hybrid powertrain engines. 4. Characteristics of hybrid power motors. 5. Working processes and principles of hybrid power transmission drive axles.

How to Use Hybrid Power System Training Equipment – A Case Study with Toyota Leyland

At Zhongcai, we take pride in offering high-quality hybrid power system training equipment that equips automotive enthusiasts and professionals with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed for the future of the automotive industry. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to effectively use our training equipment, using the Toyota Leyland hybrid power system as a case study.

Step 1: Equipment Familiarization

Before diving into the training, it’s essential to get acquainted with the hybrid power system training equipment. Ensure you understand the components, their functions, and how they interact. Our equipment is designed to simulate real-world scenarios, so familiarity is key.

Step 2: Vehicle Selection

For this case study, let’s focus on the Toyota Leyland hybrid vehicle. Start by selecting the appropriate vehicle model on our training equipment. This step sets the foundation for your training experience.

Step 3: System Overview

Begin with an overview of the hybrid power system. Understand the interplay between the gasoline engine, electric motor, battery, and control systems. Our training equipment provides clear visual representations of these components, making it easier to grasp the mechanics.

Step 4: Diagnostic Exercises

Utilize the diagnostic capabilities of our equipment to identify and troubleshoot potential issues within the hybrid power system. Learn how to interpret error codes, assess component health, and make informed decisions for maintenance and repairs.

Step 5: Hands-On Experience

One of the unique features of our training equipment is the hands-on experience it offers. Simulate various driving conditions and observe how the hybrid system responds. Gain insights into regenerative braking, battery charging, and seamless transitions between electric and gasoline power.

By following these steps and using our hybrid power system training equipment, you can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape. The Toyota Leyland case study exemplifies the real-world applicability of our training, making you a valuable asset in the field of hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Types of Our Electric Vehicle Training Equipment

BYD E5 Model

Key FeaturesDescription
Vehicle ModelBYD E5
Dissection LevelSemi-Dissected (Partial Cutaway)
Realistic ComponentsFeatures authentic interior and exterior components for hands-on training and demonstration.
Safety ConsiderationsDesigned to ensure safety during hands-on training with exposed interior components.
DimensionsApproximately 4500mm (Length) x 1800mm (Width) x 1600mm (Height)

EV Air Conditioning System Training Bench

Product NamePure Electric Vehicle Electric Air Conditioning System Training Bench
Key Features– Utilizes BYD E5 vehicle components for realistic system representation. – Allows easy component disassembly after high-voltage power disconnection. – Measures low-voltage automotive AC system electrical signals. – Features UV-printed schematics and aluminum-plastic panel. – Displays original vehicle harness connector layout. – Compatible with an intelligent teaching system. – Equipped with a 32-inch HD display screen. – Uses CAN to USB for data conversion. – Part of an interconnected EV training system. – Aluminum construction with locking casters. – Dimensions: 1670mm (Length) x 890mm (Width) x 1270mm (Height).
Screen32-inch HD display screen with 1920*1080 resolution
MaterialAluminum profiles with locking casters
CompatibilityInterconnects with other EV training equipment
Dimensions1670mm (Length) x 890mm (Width) x 1270mm (Height)

EV Electric Power Steering System Training Bench

Authentic ComponentsUses BYD E5 vehicle parts for real system representation.
Easy DisassemblyFacilitates component removal after high-voltage power cutoff.
Signal MeasurementMeasures low-voltage signals in the electric power steering system.
Schematic DisplayUV-printed color circuit schematic on an aluminum-plastic panel.
Intelligent CompatibilityCompatible with an intelligent teaching system for fault diagnosis.
HD Multimedia DisplayFeatures a 32-inch HD screen with 1920*1080 resolution.
Data ConversionConverts protocol data with CAN to USB for MiniPC data transfer.
Interconnected TrainingPart of an EV training system, providing power to interconnected devices.
Sturdy ConstructionMade from aluminum with locking casters for stability.
Dimensions1510mm (L) x 2020mm (W) x 1730mm (H)

EV Electric Drive System Training Bench

Key FeaturesDescription
Authentic MotorUtilizes BYD E5 original permanent magnet AC synchronous motor with factory controller for practical demonstrations.
Comprehensive SetupIncludes start switch, electronic parking switch, throttle and brake pedals, shift module, electric vacuum assist, and more to simulate real vehicle operations.
Safety MeasuresFeatures a flexible belt drive between drive and rear wheels, with safety panels.
Efficient CoolingEquipped with an independent cooling system powered by a 12V DC source.
Signal DiagnosticsAllows low-voltage signal diagnostics with tools like multimeters and oscilloscopes.
Clear SchematicsUV-printed color circuit schematics on an aluminum-plastic panel with labeled terminals.
Interactive LearningCompatible with an intelligent teaching system for fault diagnosis.
HD Display ScreenIncludes a 32-inch HD multimedia display (1920*1080 resolution).
Data ConversionConverts protocol data using a CAN to USB device for MiniPC data transfer.
Sturdy BuildConstructed with aluminum and six locking casters for stability.
InterconnectivityPart of an interconnected training system.
Dimensions1970mm (Length) x 1490mm (Width) x 1230mm (Height).

Why Choose Zhongcai?

Benefits of Training with Zhongcai Equipment

Quality Assurance

At Zhongcai, quality is non-negotiable. Our training equipment is manufactured to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing durability, accuracy, and reliability. When you choose Zhongcai, you choose excellence.

Extensive Product Range

Zhongcai offers a diverse range of training equipment, catering to various aspects of hybrid and electric vehicle education. Whether you need cutaway models, electrical training equipment, electric vehicle training tools, or engine training gear, we have you covered.


We are at the forefront of automotive education technology, continually innovating to provide the latest tools and resources for educators and students. Our equipment integrates cutting-edge features to simulate real-world scenarios effectively.

Hands-On Learning

Theory alone isn't sufficient to master hybrid and electric vehicle technologies. Our training equipment offers hands-on learning opportunities, allowing students to gain practical experience in a controlled environment, preparing them for real-world challenges.

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