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Automotive Training Equipment

Automotive Chassis drive anatomy system training bench

Automatic transmission trainer

Toyota Corolla 1ZR-FE EFI On Board for education equipment trainers

Volkswagen Hydraulic steering system training bench

Volkswagen Passat ABS brake system training bench

Car charging system training board

EV Training Equipment

Electric Vehicle Training Board

Beiqi EC180 six sets with color screen

Pure electric vehicle (Chery EQ1) drive system training bench

Engine Training Equipment

Passat gasoline engine training bench

Common rail engine training bench

Diesel engine training bench

Automotive Cutway Model

Diesel engine cutaway working model

Manual transmission anatomy training bench

Automatic transmission anatomy training stand

2023 ZHONGCAI Training Equipment Catalog

  • Explore the Precision of Our Automotive Training Machines with Detailed Images.
  • Uncover the Technical Excellence of Our Training Equipment.
  • Stay Updated with the Latest Innovations in Automotive Education!